Aliens, Myths, & Magic- Book Two

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Before they can capture her heart, they must first set her free.

“We daydreamed about escaping, my brother and I. But I don’t think we really believed we’d leave. I never had serious thoughts about the future. I was twelve when my parents died and we entered the compound. From then on, we focused on survival.”

I grew up listening to stories about soulmates. After spending the last ten years as a test subject, I never thought I’d be free to find mine. You’d think discovering I had two would be twice the blessing, but it turned out to be double the trouble instead.

“In truth, I wanted them both so bad it kept me up at night, but I couldn’t rush this. I wouldn’t let anything jeopardize our future.”

I’d been content with Daniel as my soulmate. Imagine my surprise when we discovered Macaela was our third. If only Daniel would settle down before he scares her off, we can finally have the family I’d always thought lost to me.

“Losing her frightened me like nothing I’d felt before. But what if she rejected me? How could I live with myself, knowing I was the one who pushed her away?”

Infiltrating a government lab was easy. Keeping my cool after finding out they were using my Setah as a test subject proved impossible. Changing everything I am for my lovers might very well destroy me.

Proceed at your own risk. Erotic fantasies result in damp panties, uncontrollable passion, and extremely naughty dreams. Stepping into a Sylvina Storm novel can be wildly intense, and leave you breathlessly anticipating more. The most common cure for such unfulfilled desires is to continue reading until relief is attained.

Repeat as necessary.

This series contains MM, MMF, MFM, BDSM and other alternative lifestyle scenes. Some scenes may be too intense for some audiences. If you are offended by love in its less mainstream forms, please reconsider. However, if you believe in love without limits…

Prepare to be aroused!


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