Aliens, Myths, Magic Book 3


When duty interferes with matters of the heart, can love prevail?

A true survivor, I’ve always held romance at bay. Sex was an outlet; therapy, and nothing more. When an assignment leads me to my soulmates, I’m more than ready to run. But someone has to take care of the abandoned children and keep them safe. I refuse to let them down. I can’t afford to give in to my desires now. Besides, who will protect my battered heart?

I hadn’t had a serious relationship in my life, much less considered myself a family man. Now I have to care for several children and keep them safe from the people who’ve taken their parents. Preventing Charlotte from discovering our secret might destroy our Bond before it forms. To make matters worse, fighting her attraction to Xavier is as difficult as battling my own.

When things get messy, I’m the one they call to clean it up. Every job is the same. Destruction, recovery, cover-ups. Whatever the Kindred council needs, I get it done. But this job is different. For once, I have to decide between duty and my heart.

Proceed at your own risk. Exposure to erotic fantasies have been known to result in damp panties, uncontrollable passion, and extremely naughty dreams. Stepping into a Sylvina Storm novel can be wildly intense, and leave you breathlessly anticipating more. The most common cure for such unfulfilled desires is to continue reading until relief is attained.
Repeat as necessary.
This series contains MM, MMF, MFM, BDSM and other alternative lifestyle scenes. Some scenes may be too intense for some audiences. If you are offended by love in its less mainstream forms, please reconsider. However, if you believe in love without limits…
Prepare to be aroused!


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